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Usability Test Flight


  • Not able to sort tasks based on the pay or date of expiration/submission or reputation of requester
  • No suggested tasks that match our skills
  • No examples of how a task can be done
  • User should not have to be asked to answer again if they hit accept, they should be able to just submit a task if they did it. Accepting can further increase the number of clicks the worker has to make.
  • Clicking on a workers should take worker to the profile of the requester so worker can view more requests from them.


  • We can have templates for projects so requesters don't have to type it from scratch.
  • Does not not let me upload multiple pictures/drag and drop files.
  • put publish button at the bottom of the questions not the top.
  • Even though we don't upload song, or don't create anything audio, it creates a question.
  • We really like the way google forms work and we think Daemo can follow the way Google forms work with more functionalities added.

Milestone Contributors

  • Sayna Parsi @parsis
  • Sophie Song @sophiesong