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Below is a description of the system with a moderator.

Flow Chart

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Who is the moderator?

  • A reputed worker responsible for acting as a medium for smooth transaction of work ,proper communication of task from requester to worker.
  • Moderator is chosen among the workers with either high reputation or expertise in the field or both by the requester.


  • Provides preliminary analysis of the task designed by the requester.
    • Suggest changes.
    • Discusses boundary cases.
  • Provide assistance during the task.
    • Preview task submission.
    • Suggest changes in the work submitted.

How is a Moderator chosen?

The requester posts the task and request for moderators.


  • Anybody who wants to accept the role of the moderator submits a sample task and the requester reviews his work.
  • If requester thinks the submission is good he/she assigns the role of moderator to the worker.


- If the workers applying for the role.

Why would a worker want to become a moderator?

  • Overall compensation to moderator = 0.10*cost_for_each_task_to_worker*no_of reviews_made(HITs accepted by the requester).
  • So, the moderator/s will have a opportunity to earn quite a lot(in some cases higher than 10 times that of a worker).


The requester will have two options while submitting a task if he/she wants to use a moderator.

Without Moderator

- It follows the common crowdsourcing platform where the requester posts the task and worker perform the task in the given time period.
- If the submission is accepted the worker gains reputation else its unchanged.
- In both the cases worker receives full compensation as requester fails to use the moderator recommendation system to his benefit.

With Moderator

  • In this recommendation system , requester will have to shortlist moderator/s from list of workers (preferably with high reputation or expertise).Then the requester asks the moderator to complete the task.The motive of this action is to make sure the moderator has fully understood the tasks and also to analyse boundary test cases if exist.

Once the moderator has been assigned the requester empowers the moderator to manage submission and review of tasks.Now moderator becomes the point of contact between worker and requester.

- The tasks submitted by the workers are reviewed by the moderator/s and based on satisfaction of moderator he asks worker to redo his work.
- If the moderator feels the work submitted is good enough he approves it for review by requester .
- In the case moderator feels it is not up to the marks he/she recommends changes.The worker gets 5 attempts to improve his work if he fails he gets -1 reputation and half compensation.Also in between worker can 
- leave the task if he is unable to complete the task according to instruction.
- If the task is accepted by the moderator worker is fully compensated and his reputation is +1 if submission accepted by the requester.In the case of submission being rejected by the requester the moderator 
- is held  responsible and his reputation is decreased.


  • This platform helps both the requester and worker as the requester gets better submissions and worker is paid for his work and also gets help in completing his task by the moderator.
  • Provides a mechanism to counter ambiguous tasks.
  • Workers are paid for completing a job.
  • Requesters get better quality of submission.


The only concern is if the moderator tries to misguide the workers then the entire system fails, this is however a very corner case because the moderator will also be affecting his reputation and his pay for the job. (Chances seems negligible)

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