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The basic premise of worker to worker rating is that every time a worker completes an HIT in a group/category, a short GIF/video of another random worker's work in that similar category will be shown anonymously and the worker will be able to:

  • Rate other worker's performance (1-5)
  • Determine the difficulty of the task (Easy, Moderate, Difficult)
  • Send anonymous feedback to the other worker (Tips, Questions, Reviews)

Complete HIT.png

Performance Rating & Anonymous Feedback

A short video or a GIF that's produced by recording both worker's session will be available to play concurrently, showing how both workers approach the task and how efficient they are in completing it. This way, a really good worker who does her work efficiently can get rated by her peers while a low performing worker can get feedback on how she can improve her performance.

Rating HIT.png

Task's Difficulty

There's a missing difficulty level in the current crowdworking platform because what's truly difficult for users are highly subjective, but when we have thousands of workers in arsenal, we can generate a standardized difficulty system that takes workers' feedback. Imagine looking at a list of works with its level of difficulty included:

  • Input specific values displayed in the image (45% of workers think these tasks are moderately difficult)
  • Classify receipts (67% of workers think these tasks are easy)
  • Write a personal essay about a specific topic (40% of workers think these tasks are hard)

Difficulty HIT.png

Milestone Contributions

  • Leonardy Kristianto : @leonardy