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Reputation in many real world contexts seems like a way of conferring the skills somebody has gained through experience. For example, a degree from a university essentially guarantees that a recipient has endured a certain number of classes in a field (lots more details that I'm not going to go into on that, but I think this delivered the high level point).

So, what if we made a system in which a worker and a requesters reputation reflected historic information about their known work in a relatively transparent but privacy managed way.

This kind of reputation could be factored into automated pricing as well to make it so, for example, someone with validated experience in programming might get a higher wage for a programing task due to a lack of people with similar skills in the marketplace.

Design Goals

  1. Base reputation on as objective data as possible.
    • Validating skills by looking at real world data for performance or learning related to those skills
  2. Allow reputation data to be easily useful to both human users and computational task or pricing management systems
    • Use performance statistics with some learning algorithm to interpret completed tasks, task rate etc. so as to built a skills profile for each user
    • Do things like dynamic pricing based on this data
  3. Make reputation a meaningful signal for everyone
    • Treat workers and requesters as similarly as possible. Allow tasks completed and tasks authored both be considered in the metric.