WinterMilestone 3 ReputationIdea: Vouching System

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The Challenge:
• how to improve reputation system beyond Boomerang
• how would reputation work for newcomers - workers/requesters
• how do workers find relevant work, and requesters find ideal workers?

• currently, new workers don't have any type of reputation since they are new which can potentially make it difficult to gain priority for certain tasks

Getting Vouched For:
• the concept is very similar to what you already see in the current, more traditional workforce, you are often asked for references or if you have any connections to anyone that is currently working at the company you are applying for
• by getting vouched for by someone with a “high/good” reputation, you in turn join with a (slightly) higher reputation also
• in order to vouch for someone else you must be at a certain level of reputation (you cannot vouch for someone if you have a very low reputation)

Breaking Down the Reputation System:
• By breaking down the reputation system into more parts than just whether or not you've done a good job on a particular task, we can encourage certain behavior
• As mentioned by this medium blog post ( it mentions that people are already spending a lot of unpaid time helping others out. One example is by suggesting improvements to the task design. Why not give people credit for all this work they are doing?
• Total reputation can be broken down into several parts such as: Excellent work on tasks, helping answer questions, helping design better tasks/making suggestions.
• If there are three levels of reputation: Gold, silver, bronze, in order to advance into the next level you need to earn points in all parts of reputation.
• A similar concept can be seen in this image here: (taken from a popular image uploading website - Imgur)

Badge Systems:
• By developing a badge system it can give users a change to gain priority in a task they are likely to do well, but may not have worked with a particular requester yet
• Badges can be for topics such as: "writing", or "labeling".
• A similar concept can be seen in this image here: (taken from Khan Academy)