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Darkhorse idea : Self Rating

The users both workers and requester rate themselves along with rating the other party on a given task. In effect we not have two ratings for each type of user. One they got from the other user ( requesters to workers and workers to requesters) and the one that they gave themselves. If there is a stark change, then we know that there is something wrong and we have to look for a way to understand the problem at hand in a deeper manner.

Both POVs can then be considered and a conflict resolution exercise can be carried out in order to get the two on the same page.

Over a period of time, ratings will be pretty much consistent with the kind of work that is being done. Based on that we can study emerging patterns and help make daemo stronger by resolving conflict.

Milestone Contributors

Deepika Nayak - @dnayak

Kanwar Arora - @kanwar_arora

S.S.Niranga - @niranga