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Diving deeper into specific ideas


If a worker has done an awesome job, requesters can include a testimonial in addition to giving them a rating. This allows the requester to give a more descriptive detail of the work ethic, the quality of work and helps build the worker’s reputation in a positive manner.

Similarly, a worker can also write testimonials for the requester they feel are a cut above the rest thereby helping build the requester’s reputation.

In order to prevent fake testimonials, each person can be restricted in the number of testimonials and also may be asked follow up questions. Reputation badges can also be given by requesters which helps in overall growth of the crowd sourcing ecospace.

Based on these factors, an algorithm can then match workers to tasks most likely to fall in the area of their interest and expertise.

Milestone Contributors

Deepika Nayak - @dnayak

Kanwar Arora - @kanwar_arora

S.S.Niranga - @niranga