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Some requesters in the panel meeting mentioned how hard it gets for them to interact with the workers, manage the task results when they scale HITs to larger volume. Enter: an artificial analyzer for requesters (or simply artificial requester).


  • Going through submissions of workers and and determining if they fall below the bar (-1) , meets expectations (0) , or exceeds expectations (+1). If the submission falls below the quality level, the artificial requester can suggest changes and/or areas of improvement to the worker, and then accept a re-submission.
  • Addressing doubts or concerns of the worker through chats/ or automated emails. This feature can be designed by first classifying the issue of worker into a particular category, and then providing a solution for that category.
  • Deciding the payment of a worker according to her submission. If below quality bar- pay partly, if meets quality bar- pay full, if exceeds the bar - pay full along with some bonus to keep the worker motivated.


It will be difficult to design such an Artificial Intelligent system which could entirely replace a human. Also, a machine can never take as intelligent decisions as humans due to its lack of emotional quotient. But with the advancement in technology , particularly in the field of AI, we may be able to develop such algorithm which could, if not entirely replace, assist a requester.

Milestone Contributors

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