WinterMilestone 3 Team Enigma RepresentationIdea: Disconnected Board

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Since the Board model with representatives has already been tried out on Daemo in the past, we propose an alternate model of inclusive but slightly disconnected model of representation. This model consists of Forums and a Board. Disconnected, because the views of the board members arrive from the broader opinion of the forum.



  • The idea is to have N different forums for N different groups. - A Requester forum, A Worker forum, Platform forum etc.
  • Each forum must have a way to vote up or down an idea or a decision.
  • The forum members can post new ideas and suggestions which can then be discussed upon within the forum for the next 10 days.
  • Each forum will chose a new representative every month based on who has been the most active member for the month.
  • The representative will then summarize all the discussions and compile a proposal for the board.


  • The board will consist of the representatives from all the forums
  • The board will reach to a decision based on mutual acceptance

The Process

The process implements a sort of "three-way handshake" mechanism to arrive at a decision. Let's say there is a proposal A from the Workers.

  • Discuss proposal A in all the forums
  • Each representative compiles a summary from his forum
  • The summaries are presented to the board and the board releases all the summaries to the representatives
  • The representatives go back to their respective forums and seek comments on the summaries.
  • Representatives compile the comments from their forums
  • All comments are presented to the board
  • The board discusses the issues that might have come up from different forums and reaches to a consensus