WinterMilestone 3 Team Enigma ReputationIdea: Reputation is defined as a combination of performance in various categories

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The Reputation System

  • The workers should be able to filter tasks based upon skill set or area of interests.
  • Change the feed based on the choice of category.


  • The overall rating of a worker can be defined as a combination of individual ratings of tasks defined as per categories.
  • A requester before posting a task specifies which category the task belongs to.
  • Implement categorization with ML (or eventually Neural Nets? -@acosette ?)
  • The worker specifies the categories he is willing to work for in his profile.


  • A worker might have an average overall rating but may be exceptional rating in case of a specific category like “data feeding”.


  • The requester can select the categorical rating to assign tasks.


  • Archana Kumari - @dhankie
  • Dinesh Dhakal - @dineshd