WinterMilestone 3 Team Enigma UsabilityLongTerm: Incremental Task and Localization

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Long term vision items

Incremental Taks=

Every worker should have a profile that displays the following so that it is easier for requester to find relevant workers.

  • Their area of interests
  • motives for working
  • Details of any skills and/or Qualification


  • A given task can be broken down further into multiple chunks of smaller actionable items.
  • We can have the workers sign-up for a batch of "complete tasks"
  • The tasks progress should be incremental in nature.
  • The workers would finish step 1 of the task and the output from this step can be used as an input in the next one
  • The requesters can provide necessary feedback at every stage which would help the workers to proceed in the right direction



To attract more potential talent, implement various localization features :-

  • Automatic currency conversion on task feed and system wide
  • Integrate payment options that fit into the local scenarios
  • Integrate a translation engine for the requesters in order to better design their tasks


For example, as an Indian, a worker can select the currency in rupees so that he would have an estimate of the money payable to him.


Archana Kumari - @dhankie

Dinesh Dhakal - @dineshd