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The Dark Idea:

The idea is to divide the tasks into sub-categories based on age, education and interest as one group. As we know, that each person has got different phases in his life. He starts its schooling from primary section, then secondary, high school, college, masters’ degree and finally a job. When a person goes through these phases, he gets different kind of projects to submit. There are also many new things for him to study and implement. I am trying to say that let’s divide the jobs into these factors. The job must have the following extra points in its description:

  • Level of Job rating(1-5)
  • The concepts required by a worker to do the job.
  • The minimum education level/experience of the worker for this job(life phase)

The worker can use these tasks to brush up his skills in the related field. It can also be used to display as a project completed by a worker in his studies phase. This idea will promote crowd sourcing among the people of all ages and add an alternative to their projects he has to submit in his life and earn some money also.

Risk Factor:

  • Sometimes the user can feel it as a burden because of the requestor interaction.
  • Some schools and college may refuse to accept the idea.
  • The worker may lose motivation in between.
  • Requestors may not be willing to provide jobs to fresher.


  • The worker will experience how it feels working for a company.
  • Promotes crowd-sourcing
  • It will change the way of thinking of worker and he will experience real-life problems.
  • It can be counted as a job experience for the worker.
  • It can also be used by older people after their retirement to keep them charged up.