WinterMilestone 3 codestorm RepresentationIdea:Monthly evaluation by peers

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In this representation idea,we want to address a method of bug fixing with the help of crowd.At the end of each month,a bug fixing can be held in which programmers will be asked to report any bugs in the existing Daemo system and if anyone is able to detect a bug he will be rewarded.some key features of this idea:-

  • Small bugs or errors can br detected within less time.
  • Feedbacks from the crowd will make Daemo more awesome.
  • Developers will realise how reliable Daemo is,if large no of bugs are reported then the developers will try to think different and modify accordingly.

How to achieve this?

Step 1

Before randomly giving anyone to fix bugs we should select best out of them. So,we can conduct a coding contest first to check everyone's algorithmic skills and shorlist the top ones.

Step 2

In the second round,the selected candidates will be asked some basic and advanced questions in their domain and will be shortlisted accordingly.

Step 3

In the third round the Daemo platform will be made available to the shortlisted ones locally and they will get a chance to fix the bugs.

Step 4

After committing the changes,they can push it into git which will be reviewed by a team of developers whether the bug reported is correct and it does not produce any further complications. Thus,at the end if a bug is found genuine the changes can be committed.


bug fixing should be done keeping in mind the complexity of algorithm.If a particular bug fix is making Daemo run slower than earlier then this can cause serious problem and whether to commit such a bug fix completely depends on the developer and admin.

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