WinterMilestone 3 codestorm ReputationIdea:Interconnected worker-requester system

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We would like to suggest an idea which relates to an interconnected worker-requester system.We think this approach will create more mutual understanding and better connection between the requesters and workers. In this idea,the workers and requesters will be connected through a chat server in which the workers and requesters will not only able to rate the requesters and workers respectively but they can share their experience live.Some of the key features of this system:-

  • As all the workers are connected by a chat server,they can discuss about the reputation of requesters w.r.t boomerang system in which they can only have the static view.
  • Requesters can also discuss with each other before paying a worker plus requester can contact a worker or workers can contact a requester(if any information is not clear or arbitary rejection of task) thus forming a web.
  • We can also connect the database of Daemo with an universal database such that if the same worker is working with any other crowdsourcing platform,the worker's reputation can be shown there.Thus, Daemo can become a central evaluation system.

System image.jpg