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Reputation idea

Similar concept to Stackoverflow. Every worker has a two value system: work done and quality of work. Work done will consist of tasks started and tasks finished. The value for work done consists out of started work and and submitted work. For each started task the worker gets a specific amount of points (lowest). For each each finished and submitted task, the worker gets a specific amount of points (second lowest). For each accepted task the worker gets a specific amount of points (highest). Additionally, the requester can give out bonuses/upvotes to 10% of the accepted submits as good work.= (the work awarded with that will serve as an example work, so that other workers can compare their work with what the requester wanted). For a bonus, the worker gets the exact amount of points as for an accepted task. With the two numbers a requester can compare the work done with the quality of work.

Additionally depending on the values, the worker gets different badges (amateur, advanced, etc.). Every task is posted with different key- and subkeywords (transcription/google/proofreading, etc). The main keyword will determine in which category the worker will get the points, the subkeywords will be for filtering options. In this way, a worker gets different badges in each keyword category. So a worker can have a high overall rating, but at the same time can be a beginner in a subcategory (i.e. transcription).