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Winter Milestone 3

Dive Deeper into Specific Ideas: Reputation

For newcomers, I was thinking of a system like prototyping tasks, but they would serve as some sort of "preliminary" testing.

For workers:

  • Have a set of tasks, with clear goals, that can be somewhat objectively done well, or done poorly (determined by some sort of system/algorithm/manual grader/something like that; it could be some sort of "smart algorithm" that adjusts itself if the worker ends up receiving bad ratings from actual requesters as opposed to the preliminary testing algorithm itself)
  • Allow the new worker to complete the tasks, and give them a "preliminary" rating
  • When requesters are matched with the newcomer, they can be identified with a tag, that says what their preliminary rating is (out of 10 or out of 100), and the requester can choose whether or not they want to assign the task to the worker (because they are new).

For requesters:

  • Have them come up with an idea (for a set of tasks to be done) and be graded manually on how they set the tasks apart and how clear their instructions are (again, like a preliminary rating system)
  • When workers are matched with them, the requester could also have a tag stating they are new, with their preliminary rating (where a 10, or 100 means they gave an excellently detailed/outlined set of tasks, that were easy to follow, and a 0 for the opposite)

The goal would be for users to have an initial idea of what newcomers abilities are like (as far as diligence, ability to follow/give details, etc)