WinterMilestone 3 hizai ReputationIdea: Senior and Entry Workers

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How would reputation work for new workers?

  • Internship vs. Expertise


First, requester sets two different pay for a single work and set the qualification (example below) and if entry worker take this HIT and did well, synergize the rates.


  1. Total approved HITs is not less than 1000
  2. HIT approval rate (%) is not less than 97
  3. Senior Worker Prize: $1.5
  4. Entry Worker Prize: $1




  1. Give new workers a chance to try out high-demand HITs instead of starting from minor works they are not interested in.
  2. Raise the reputation of new workers if they performed well through tasks.
  3. Requesters might get high-quality results with lower cost.


  1. Narrows the work opportunities of senior workers who cultivate for a long time.
  2. Requesters getting the results that wouldn't appear if HITs were all done by senior workers.

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