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Brainstorm for Representation

Our goal here is to make it easy for people to recognize good work and good requests to be able to further help reputation system and promote fairness.

How to make your voice heard? How to represent concerns/rights as workers and requesters?

It is a good idea to have a committee to report things to, but in what situation should people be able to report to this committee for help?

  • Having a system where people can rate a request and how the request has been presented, helps with better understanding of the reputation of the requester and can help people who were mislead during submission of a work.
  • Having a system where workers & requesters can rate a job posting helps with better understanding and comparison (therefore learning of workers) of how well can a task be done. For example, in this case, if a person have positive ranking for their work submimssion, yet they received a rejection for their work, they can request a review by the committee.

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