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Improving Reputation

Designing a system with a more fair reputation system and giving worker and requester equal power.

Worker's Reputation

  • Having workers report the time duration for completing a task and compare it to the expected time by requester

Requester's Reputation

  • Evaluate clarity of task description
  • Workers being able to view the average time it takes requester to make payments.

How does the reputation work for newcomers?

  • New comers being able to hide the first few scores. We understand that they might not be familiar with how Daemo works and they might sign up to do a task that they are not entirely qualified for, or they are not familiar with how the system works. So we believe it is always good to give people a second chance until they get a sense of the environment they are working for, and also letting the requester know that the reason for the task not being done perfectly was they were dealing with a newcomer.
  • Having people trained with the system and have them earn a few cents by completing pre-defined tasks that can be easily evaluated by the system. So if a person joins, the tasks open to them are pre-defined and by finishing those tasks, the new-comer gets a better understanding of the system. This way, the requesters do not have to deal with poor work of new-comers.

How do workers find relevant work? And requesters find ideal workers?

  • Suggestions, based on previous matches. So we find similar requesters and similar workers and group them and suggest more members of their favorite groups.

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