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Representation-related Idea


User gets confused of his role as a worker/requester after logging in. Registration process is so very generic!


  • Option to choose a 'primary role' while signing up and having role-specific interface after logging in.
  • Ability to switch roles anytime, easily.


As the title suggests, I believe it would be much better to have a separation of user concerns in Daemo.

While I moved to Daemo after experiencing AMT, I was sort-of confused regarding my own role. I signed up, activated the account and after login, I was taken to task-feeds right-away which to my surprise, was empty. It took me a while to understand that I myself have to create tasks to let them appear on feeds page and I can also attempt my own tasks.

So is this feature good or bad ?

I would say, it highly depends on the use-case. For developers, its a bliss to be able to test changes without the headache of logging-out and logging-in again. However, for a user in real-world, it is little misleading and brings role-confusions.

Following are the screenshots signup page from AMT and upwork:



It is clearly evident from above examples that a user on such platforms will never be confused about his role.

I do not propose to follow the same model and use entirely separate logins for worker/requester accounts. However, I do propose the concept of a primary role which can later be switched after logging in. Ideally, when a user activates 'worker role', he should not be able to see requester-specific features(like 'my projects'). Likewise, when a user is in 'requester role, he should not be able to see worker-specific pages(like 'my tasks'). We can also provide two separate color themes for both modes and make an intuitive interface which is more compatible with mobile devices too. While I propose separation of user-concerns, I also advocate the ease of access such that 'switching roles' doesn't become a painful job. We can ask the user to choose a primary role on 'signup/register' and user will be presented with relevant page after logging in. Such preferences can be changed from 'settings' later.

Milestone Contributors

Nalin Chhibber @nalinc