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UsabilityActionable-related Idea

Last week, I was working on issue #647:[1](extend data_source on authoring page). This needed requester to concatenate static text with column names from the csv file. For instance, if a requester types in question text like: "hello {name} welcome to {country}" and csv is something like


John,United States



Then a total of 3 tasks should be created with dynamic values(within braces) substituted.

I fixed the issue and created pull request #653[2].

So far, so good and the PR seem to fix the issue. However, while I was attempting one of the task, I noticed the need for styling the question string with bold, italic and internal link.

Following is a screenshot of task with static and dynamic tokens in question strings. Staticdynamic.png

While it looks okay, I strongly feel the need for tools to let requesters create graphic-rich instructions for tasks with better styling.

Having markdown support for question instruction in task authoring page is something I am looking forward to implement in Daemo.

Milestone Contributors

Nalin Chhibber @nalinc