WinterMilestone 3 stormsurfer DarkHorseIdea: Requesters/Workers Must Swap Positions

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Describe (using diagrams, sketches, storyboards, text, or some combination) the idea in further detail.

Problem (Goals)

There is a huge disconnect between requesters and workers, and they don't understand each other. For example, several of the needs that I gathered during WinterMilestone 2 stormsurfer were:

  • Workers need to be able to trust/compare/rate requesters (especially new ones).
  • Workers need to be respected by requesters for their time and effort, even if it is not clearly visible.
  • Workers need to receive a livable wage.
  • Workers need to be able to search for tasks that match their interests and abilities.
  • Workers need to do a task well.
  • Requesters need to maintain good communication (provide feedback quickly and justify reasons for a rejection in order to improve worker-requester relationships).
  • Requesters need to pay workers fairly.
  • Requesters need to be able to lower their overhead costs, including setting up/creating a task and filtering out spam/garbage results from a task.

Based on these needs, the two main disconnects that I found between workers and requesters were trust and respect. Workers should trust requesters, include being paid well, and requesters should trust that workers are doing a task well. Furthermore, workers should respect the (overhead) costs that requesters have, and requesters should respect the time and effort workers put into a task, even if it is not clearly visible.

Solution (Design)

The solution is quite far-fetched (thus a "dark horse" idea), but it would be insightful for both parties to trade positions so that they understand each other. Thus, we should require workers and requesters with a low rating to swap positions for an arbitrary amount of time (3-5 hours) so that they understand the burden placed on the opposite party. In order to test this, we can see if after this "swap," the ratings for each party go up. Hopefully, through this swap, the requester and worker will build trust and respect by understanding the duties of each party.

Milestone contributors

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