WinterMilestone 3 stormsurfer ReputationIdea: Sample HITs for the Worker

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Describe (using diagrams, sketches, storyboards, text, or some combination) the idea in further detail.

Problem (Goals)

Did I do the task right? Partially right? Completely wrong? There is no way for me to know! During WinterMilestone 1 stormsurfer, even after two hours, my submissions (all 20) were still (and still are) pending. I completed 20 HITs for the same task, and it is possible that I might receive $0.00 for all of my work if it is incorrect. If I received feedback after my first 1-2 HITs, I can easily improve and complete the task better the next few times. However, it is difficult for the requester to give immediate feedback to each and every worker; he/she currently may not be online to approve the HITs or may be swamped with reviewing other HITs from other workers.

Solution (Design)