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This page provides details about the dark horse idea I came up with for Winter Milestone 3


For my dark horse idea, I am basically suggesting that Daemo as the platform should provide certain guarantees to both the requesters and workers.

The guarantees are as follows:

  • The requester will pay a certain proportion ( 50% ) of the promised amount once the task is completed and the remainder once the task has been verified by the user. This guarantees that the workers always get paid at least for the time they spent on the task.
  • The worker will verify that the work he is providing to the requester was done without any hint of foul-play. If the requester reports that a certain worker was trying to game the system with valid proof then that worker will suffer a hit on his reputation and will be placed lower in the Boomerang ranking system


I feel that this idea, if implemented, would be potentially controversial and may not go down well with either the requesters and the workers but it will establish some sort of discipline in the marketplace.

Benefits to the Workers

  • They get paid for the time they spent on actually doing the task. So, they are always certainly paid for the time spent like any other human being at a normal job would.
  • This certainly benefits the workers for whom crowdsourced tasks is the main source of income.

Benefits to the Requester

  • Requesters are guaranteed a higher quality of work.
  • The number of workers trying to game the system will go down.


As I previously mentioned, this idea might not go down well with the requesters and workers. Here are the reasons why I think this idea could be potentially controversial

Disadvantages for the workers

  • They would potentially be not happy about being paid only some proportion of the whole amount at times.

Disadvantages for the requesters

  • They would potentially complain that they would have to pay money for work that wasn't well done.