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This page provides the details about the Representation idea I came up with for Winter Milestone 3.


So for representation I am suggesting a public review system. What this basically means is that everyone will be able to see how everyone rates each other.

Essentially it's basically making the whole profile of the user public. All requesters would be able to see how other requesters rate the a specific worker's work. Vice Versa, all workers would be able to see how other worker's rate a certain requester.

Think of it like IMDb, where you make decision to watch a movie based on how other people rate them. Similarly, in a fictional world, movies select the people they would want to be seen by depending on what other like minded movies think of you. This is essentially what I am suggesting.

How does it address representation

A common benefit of such a public review system or public profiling is that there will be a certain transparency about everything. Any kind of misunderstandings could be easily sorted out.

This idea of having a public image to maintain will also force both the requesters and workers to do the right thing instead of denying payment or trying to game the system

Benefits for the workers

  • Workers would be able to judge better if the requester is someone whose tasks they would want to do based on what the other workers think. This will provide more clarity to the requester as to whether they want to get involved this requester. This would save everyone's precious time.

Benefits for the requesters

  • This allows the requester to know if the worker is generally serious about his work or does he try to game the system. It provides insight into how workers perform the tasks.


The implementation of this idea would be fairly simple as I feel all that is required would be to have a profile page for each requester and each worker where others can leave reviews. I think the only restriction we would need is that only people who have ever worked with the person should be allowed to comment.