WinterMilestone 3 vaastav ReputationIdea: Suggest tasks based on history of completed tasks

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My idea is to suggest to workers tasks based on the profile or trend of tasks they generally tend to complete. This would basically looking at different types of data like the average time of completion, the kind of tasks a worker generally tends to perform, the average compensation he is looking from the task and the requester the worker generally tends to perform tasks for.

What I am basically suggesting is a task recommender system which finds optimal tasks for the worker based on the worker's task history.

How does it affect reputation

Benefits for the worker

I feel that it addresses workers' concerns regarding reputation in 2 key ways:

  • It saves worker the time and effort to find out tasks that they'd be interested in doing. A key observation from last week regarding the discussion about workers' needs was that they really cant afford to risk reputation. Thus they spend a lot of time finding the right tasks to complete so that they won't sacrifice their reputation. This recommender system would save the workers' their time which they can further spend on actually completing the tasks.
  • It provides workers with tasks that they would genuinely find interesting. Its a very simple psychological observation that people tend to perform better in things they are actually interested in. If we can provide workers with the tasks that they would find interesting then it would contribute to enhancing workers' reputation.

Benefits for the requester

  • The tasks posted by the requester are first being shown to the people who would actually be interested in doing the task. This would result in an increased quality of the results that the requester receives.
  • This also decreases the fake and cheat submissions people would receive. This is of course speculative but theoretically this seems like the more logical solution.

The Algorithm

This is just a rough version of the algorithm I came up with or what I feel would be a good way of selecting the tasks that the worker might enjoy