WinterMilestone 3 vinyoshy Collectives

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Workers should have the option to organize into collectives, allowing them to work together to leverage power against requesters. Collectives can be headed by a group of very dedicated workers, with the goal of providing all members of the collective with a steady reliable source of income. Collective heads can negotiate directly with requesters on a large scale to secure guaranteed hits for all members of the collectives, with each member being guaranteed a certain number of hits for themselves. Requesters will be willing to go to collectives with good reputations, since for them it could mean ensuring that the answers they receive to a survey they put out (or something similar) will be more "honest." Properly moderated collectives will spend time trying to weed out from their own ranks workers that try to game the system, thus increasing their reputation with requesters. Collectives would be able to secure hits on a level no individual worker could, and the collective bargaining would further exert pressure on requesters to give fair wages. The guaranteed hits afforded by being part of a collective would allow new users to have a steady source of income as they learn the ropes of crowd labor in a group environment while learning could work habits themselves from peers. The collective itself will pressure the workers to keep honest to maintain the group's reputation. Eventually more experienced workers might decide to abandon their collective in order to strike out on their own, or start their own collective.