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As of right now, requesters on crowdsourcing platforms have an unfair amount of power of workers, and there's almost no way for workers to keep requesters in check. What I propose is a system through which workers can report unethical behavior on the part of requesters. Every hit and requester profile should have a button next to it to report the requester responsible for it. Users should be able to report a requester for unfair rejection of hits, unfairly low wages, poor instructions, or other types of unethical behavior. Each user will get a set number of reports to use every day to prevent report spamming. If a requester receives enough reports against them, they will receive a warning, along with information on what people have reported them for, and tips and advice about how to avoid getting reports again in the future. If the requester continues to get reported, they will have their account banned. While a banned requester can simply create a new account, the loss of reputation should be punishment enough, since users will be unlikely to trust new requesters.