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Based on the need-finding we conducted last week it seemed to me that one of the largest problems with crowdsourcing revolved around trust. Workers seemed to always be cautious while performing task, feeling that they could not trust their requester to write proper instructions and to accept their hits. Similarly a lot of requesters were unsure whether or not their workers would honestly fulfill the tasks they are given and not try to "game" the system. In short, honest workers felt like they weren't always finding honest requesters, and honest requesters often felt like they weren't finding honest workers.

What I propose is a sort of subscription feature that would allow workers and requesters to form more long term work relationships. Essentially every worker is allowed to "subscribe" to a specific requesters account. Any time a requester posts work, their subscribers will be notified. Additionally, requesters will be allowed to promote trusted workers to "early access" workers. Early access workers will receive information on hits slightly before its available to the general public/other subscribers. Early access workers could be found through recruiting on forums like TurkerNation or through workers who consistently produce high quality work. I believe this feature will have the following effects:

  • Requesters will be rewarded for ethical practices. Requesters who pay good wages and treat their workers fairly will have more subscribers, meaning their hits will be completed even faster than usual.
  • By increasing the lengths of potential relationships between workers and requesters, people will put more thought into their online interactions, hopefully creating a more friendly environment for all involved.
  • Good workers who are able to become early access workers for various requesters are going to have more reliable work available to them, which will hopefully reduce the amount of stress they have to put up with in their jobs.
  • Alerts through subscriptions will make it easier to find work (without having to use scripts), making it easier for new Turkers to compete in the market with everyone else.

Some potential downsides:

  • The market for quality work could become cornered by a small group of early access workers, making it hard for anyone else to find good work.
  • Everyone subscribes to a group of major requesters and only work for them, making it hard for newer or one time only requesters to get workers (this seems less likely)