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Democratic Open Governance

The concept of Democratic Open Governance is very similar to what is present in most Democratic governments worldwide. What I propose is a more condensed form of traditional democratic government.

There will three main pillars of this Democracy :

  • Decisionary Committee (Legislature)
  • Appeals Committee (Judiciary)
  • Administrative Committee (Executive)

Decisionary Committee

  • This will compromise of an equal number of Elected Requesters (ER) and Elected Workers (EW).
  • Together, they will be responsible for deciding the future of Daemo, coming up with solutions to current problems, ensuring smooth interaction between workers and requesters etc.
  • Elections will be held repeatedly after a given time period. An election would constitute a poll of all workers voting for EW's and all Requesters voting for ER's.

Appeals Committee

  • This will be a body comprising of an equal number of Workers and Requesters as well.
  • This won't be an elected body, at least not directly. The most highly rated people from both Worker and Requester communities will be given an opportunity to join.
  • Their primary job will be to address any concerns brought to them by someone who believed that the Decisionary Committee's decision on the matter was unjust.

Administrative Committee

  • A body consisting solely of the moderators of Daemo.
  • Responsible for implementing the policies and decisions of the the other committees.
  • Can veto the policies of the Decisionary Committee (at most once).
  • Ability to pass temporary policies and judgements.

Making People's Voices Heard

Workers and Requesters alike can raise issues regarding the state of the platforms, grievances about the compensation per task, unfair rejection etc. with the Decisionary Committee. Since it consists of their elected representatives, it should provide a fair medium to air their concerns and get them resolved.

Safeguarding Rights

The Appeals Committee will serve as the primary medium for ensuring that each worker and requester is treated fairly, and in accordance with given policies. They will follow the main principle of safeguarding the rights of Workers and Requesters alike, on the Daemo platform.


@yashovardhan : Yashovardhan Sharma

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