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MiddleOut Reputation

While Boomerang is an innovative and potentially groundbreaking idea, it can still be tweaked to improve it further. Currently Boomerang allows Requesters to rate Workers as {Good, Medium, Bad}, which is used to determine early-access to that particular Requester's tasks. But this approach has two important limitations, namely :

  • There is no granularity in the rating of a person. (e.g. Is worker X really as competent as worker Y since they both have a "Good" rating? Worker X may be competent enough to be considered "Good", but not "Medium" or "Bad". Worker Y on the other hand may be absolutely exceptional in performing the given task, which should ideally merit some recognition).
  • These ratings are completely limited to that particular Worker/Requester. (e.g. A Requester cannot benefit from the ratings provided to a worker by another Requester).

MiddleOut tries to overcome these shortcomings by implementing a Reputation System where :

  • There is an additional number rating within the traditional {Good, Medium, Bad} categories. (e.g. Bad - {0, 500}, Medium - {501, 1000}, Good - {1001, 1500}).
  • Ratings are universal across the platform, i.e, all Requesters can see a Worker's current reputation, regardless of whether they have ever rated that worker, and vice-versa.
  • Rating of a worker will be public and can be computed by taking the average of all ratings given by every requester who he has worked for, and vice-versa.

Worker/Requesters who do not wish to give this more granular rating to someone, and instead just stick to the {Good, Medium, Bad} will internally be giving the worker the median rating in that category. (e.g. Bad ~ 250, Medium ~ 750, Good ~ 1250).

Newcomers to the Platform

The reason MiddleOut is called what it is called, is the fact that every newcomer starts from the "middle" in the Reputation System, i.e, with a reputation of 750 (Medium).

This gives a new worker a fair chance to compete for tasks by giving him preference over the "bad" workers, but less preference than the "good" workers. As a result, a new worker has an equal chance of further improving his rating or tarnishing it.

New Requesters can also reap the benefit of MiddleOut by immediately seeing a rating associated with each worker. Hence they can easily filter out potential workers without having ever interacted with them previously.

Finding the right Fit

The MiddleOut Reputation System allows both Workers and Requesters to find what they are looking for.

For Workers :

  • They can view the reputation of a Requester and decide whether they would want to work with him.
  • Additionally, his task feed will be organised in descending order of rating, all the Requesters that he has given ratings to.
  • Another Global Task feed can be introduced where tasks from the most highly rated Workers on the platform are displayed in descending order.

For Requesters :

  • They can view the reputation of any unknown worker and make an informed decision as to whether to allow him to work or not.
  • Maintaining a good rating makes their tasks more prominent in the Global Task feed, thereby attracting more (and possibly better quality) workers.


@yashovardhan : Yashovardhan Sharma

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