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Punitive Measures

My Dark Horse idea is the following :

  • Reward those who are doing well and encourage them further.
  • Actively discourage bad performers from continuing to work on this platform. Kick them out if deemed necessary.


A lot of Workers and Requesters complain about the quality of work / tasks / instructions etc. that is provided to them. What better way to improve quality, rapidly, than to get rid of the people causing it in the first place?

This is modelled on a very capitalistic idea of society, where the market is very competitive. Hence, the poor performers are simply removed from the playing field, instead of waiting for them to pull up their socks and improve. While this goes against one of the most fundamental principles of any system/service, i.e, never let your users leave, I believe this may be the radical yet effective method for improving the state of things in today's crowdsourcing platforms.


The Punitive Measures system will primarily rely on the rating system (or my vastly better MiddleOut Reputation System) for implementation.

By tracking a user's rating continuously we can determine the subset of users whose reputation has been on the decline for a given period of time, and/or has shown no signs of improving.

For Workers :

  • Their task feed starts reducing drastically. It becomes directly proportional to their rating.
  • Additional warning badges are shown to Requesters when they apply for a task.
  • Wages per task can reduced to a fraction of the original.
  • After a certain period of decay, accounts can be terminated.

For Requesters :

  • Make minimum reward per tasks much higher than the normal value. Hence each task they post will become more expensive on their pocket.
  • Reduce visibility of their tasks to the population of Workers.
  • Display warning badges next to their tasks.
  • After a certain point of time, just terminate their account.

The Good Side

The Workers and Requesters who are doing really well, i.e, the ones with very high reputations can be incentivised further by doing the exact opposite of the things done to the "bad" workers. So in essence, they can earn more money per task, it costs less for them to post a task, they are privatised over others etc.

This leads to a system where everyone will try to be a part of these "elite" Workers and Requesters. While not everyone will become one, the goal of becoming one will motivate them to work much harder than they would have if there were no incentives being offered.


All in all, the "good" workers will become better and the "bad" workers will start leaving the platform. Thus, the quality of the work, its users and the platform as a whole will go up by a significant margin!


@yashovardhan : Yashovardhan Sharma

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