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Create a page describing your awesome idea and link to it from your submission for Winter Milestone 3. Post it on when done

My dark horse idea revolves around stabilizing the dichotomy between workers and requesters.

As we know from previous discussions, requesters have much more influence and autonomy than workers. They control prices, they choose whether or not the worker truly met their expectations, and even if they did, still choose not to pay them.

Labor unions have been developed in order to protect the interests of workers in the United States, and I believe this concept can be extended to the Humans-as-a-Service business. By allowing workers to come together to work towards fair wages and benefits, it could put pressure on requesters to be fairer, thus equalizing the power between the two. And if requesters were consistently unjust, they could be blacklisted to ensure that workers were not "cheated" from these individuals.