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My idea for Reputation (Winter Milestone 3)

The Idea

For workers who are new to the system and are trying to get familiar with it, we should ease them into it by having forms that ask what type of skills the workers are coming in with. Based on those skills, we give a pre-assessment to figure out where he/she stands, and give that worker a certain level. Based on that level, they have access to tasks that match their skill set, and when they complete a certain number of tasks, their level goes up, and they can have access to more tasks.

How does it affect reputation

For workers, it makes sure that they complete tasks that they are capable of even doing, which also makes requesters happy because the work done my workers will likely match the quality they were expecting. Also, by having a level system, it helps in terms of pricing, as minimum standards can be set for certain level of work.

For requesters, it forces them to be fairer in terms of pricing. They can't cheat the level system in order to pay less because if they do, lower quality work will be completed, as higher level workers will likely not see those tasks