WinterMilestone 4 - Team SneakyLittleHobbitses - Design Test Flight

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Team : Sneaky Little Hobbitses

Team members : @natashahervatta, @rajashri92

Design Test Flight : Communication between Workers and Requesters

Ease of communication between the workers and requesters is key for Daemo. We propose the following system : There will be two modes of communication between Workers and Requesters - private and public. Private communication will be through a Message Inbox system, which is linked to an overlay Chat in desktop mode. Public communication will be through the Discussion Board.

Addition of Messages and Discussion Board to the task bar at the top.

SLH WinterMilestone4 001.jpg

Overlay chat at the bottom of the screen shows the most recent chats.

SLH WinterMilestone4 003.jpg

Messages shows all the private interactions between the users of Daemo

SLH WinterMilestone4 004.jpg

Discussion board shows public interactions between the users of Daemo

SLH WinterMilestone4 011.jpg

The following scenario between Wendy (a worker) and Ron (a requester) depicts how this communication system would work: