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===General structure===
===General structure===

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Introduction to Dynamic Task Pricing Model in Daemo

What's the problem you are solving

Unfair rejection

Crowdsourcing platforms are known for being of very importance to a lot of people’s income. While showing itself as an extra source of income, or even an alternative to common jobs, many people rely on those platforms to make a living. One of the biggest problems with today’s crowdsourcing platforms is that workers doesn’t have anyone to resort if they feel like a requester is not being fair. If a person does a job, for instance, provides medical assistance. If something goes wrong, and someone wants to prosecute the doctor, he will probably have someone(or some organization) to verify if all the procedures were done correctly and decide whether the incident was caused by a doctor’s mistake. The same principle applies to many others examples. These organization can be Unions, or any other association(like Doctors or Lawyers). This principle could work on a Crowdsourcing platform. When a worker get his HIT rejected, he just lost some of his time for not being paid, and sometimes it is not even his fault - it can be the result of a poorly written request or even from bad faith of a requester. Some forums emerged in order to balance that inequality. The usage of forums is a way of organizing workers to avoid getting into doing HITS from particular requesters is good, but the platform can improve this system and provide proper support for workers.


Let's start with a real life example. You hire someone to paint your house all blue. The painter comes and does his jobs. In the end, you say you didn't like the color and you are not going to pay. We know we can't simply do that in real life. It will probably become a judicial problem. There are a lot of different possibilities. The painter maybe painted the house red instead of blue. Maybe the house is 80% blue and 20% green. Anyway, there is a mismatch between a requester and a worker. First, we have to verify if there is a real mistake. Secondly, it is necessary to check if the instructions provided were clear enough to avoid that mistake. However, our goal here in crowdsourcing is to not rely on a third-party decision and be able to provide an efficient self and open government of our system. Therefore, why not use our own capacities to judge if the rejection was fair or not? We are then talking about a Worker's Union and a insurance plan for unfair rejections.

Related Work


General structure

Union Fee and insurance plan

There would be the following steps:

  • Requesters pay a small fee per batch: Union Fee (similar to MTurk operational fee for example)
  • Requester reject a work
  • Worker request his insurance plan
  • The system use the good reputation and previous approval of the related requester parameters to issue a task for specific members (ideally, there would be also requester(s) on the team)
  • The Union fee is used to pay the task
  • Selected users decide if they want to join the committee (not mandatory)
  • The committee evaluate the case
  • The case comes back to the requester and he decides to keep or change his opinion
  • The case is registered: both the decision of the requester and of the committee can be public seen.
  • It's public. Therefore, other workers can see if the requester has a long history of ignoring the committee decision.

Selected group of users task

The final decision and public record


Milestone Contributor

Our team:

  • Gabriel Bayomi - @gbayomi
  • Flavio Scorpione - @scorpione
  • Henrique Orefice - @horefice
  • Lucas Bamidele - @lucasbamidele
  • Teogenes Moura - @teomoura