WinterMilestone 4 Dubs: Worker's Union - Insurance Plan

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Introduction to Dynamic Task Pricing Model in Daemo

What's the problem you are solving

Unfair rejection

Crowdsourcing platforms are known for being of very importance to some people’s income. While showing itself as an extra source of income, or even an alternative to common jobs, many people rely on those platforms to make a living. One of the biggest problems with today’s crowdsourcing platforms is that workers doesn’t have anyone to resort if they feel like a requester is not being fair. If a person does a job, for instance, provides medical assistance. If something goes wrong, and someone wants to prosecute the doctor, he will probably have someone(or some organization) to verify if all procedures were done correctly and decide whether the incident was caused by a doctor’s mistake, or wasn’t. The same principle applies to many others examples. These organization can be Unions, or any other association(like Doctors or Lawyers). This principle could work on a Crowdsourcing platform. When a worker get his HIT rejected, he just lost some of his time for not being paid, and sometimes it is not even his fault - it can be the result of a poorly written request or even from bad faith of a requester. Some forums emerged in order to balance that inequality. The usage of forums is a way of organizing workers to avoid getting into doing HITS from particular requesters is good, but the platform can improve this system and provide proper support for workers.


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