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Requestor's birds eye view of jobs created to monitor and analyse the progress effectively

Theme: Task Ranking

Solve through: Science

Feature_Voting_Forum : Worker/requester matching

1. Add filters to task feed

2. Choose the features which can be added to filters

3. Rate workers by skill category

Science Intro

What’s the phenomenon you’re interested in ?

How can the requestor monitor different tasks provided by him being accepted at a time and understand the progress or the stalling of his jobs

The Puzzle

The requestor doesn’t have a single view to monitor all his tasks effectively and doesn’t get interactive feedback on what he just needs a gist.

The experimental design

The designers will design an interactive system of view of all the jobs provided by the requestors.

What conditions: Along with what the requestor is already able to view, the requestor should be able to view the birds eye view of all the work he has currently put on the platform, their progress and be able to interact simply with the page to get the required information reducing the interaction by minimizing the number of clicks/interactions, on the interface.

Viewing all the jobs the requestor has submitted at the time will give a good understanding for the requestor to analyse and further add jobs or decide on what is to be done in future.

Also the requestor also gets a good idea on what jobs are filling up quick and what jobs are in demand and gets done quickly with good quality.

This creates a good opportunity for the requestor to add more tasks creating more opportunities for the workers.

Also there can be multiple features to be displayed on the pop up such as

1. Job Completion 2. Jobs left 3. Worker concentration 4. Ranking of all the different jobs put together 5. Feedback on the particular job type

The result: The result will be a happy system for the requester to understand the overall progress with his tasks. The platform will be easily merge into his everyday life and activities unlike needing special attention. A good design is a design unnoticed!

A sample birds eye wireframe of the requestor is shown below

Requestor Bird's eye view interface.jpg

Along with this interface other tools to improve the view and control of the requestor over the jobs which he provided will be a good system for the requestor to access as his home page so that he can monitor and understand the current status of his jobs.

A chat feature as discussed in one of the previous ideas would be a really helpful option.

This chat feature will be available all along and when the requestor wants to access the chat in that particular job, the pie chart can act as a link to the chat and other functionalities specific to that job type available.

This makes the interface simple for the requestor to use and further move through other tasks easily than focusing on what he is figuring out in the initial interface itself.

Contributors: @prithvi.raj