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Categorization for differentiation

Labeling tasks

  • It is time consuming and difficult for workers to find the tasks that match their talents.

Imagine John as a worker who wants to choose a job between job A and job B, B pays higher than A so John decides to choose job B. John does not know that he doesn’t have the skills required for the task B and job A is something he could easily do in a short time. He ends up spending a lot of time on doing task B, and doesn’t do it very well so his work gets rejected. This is an example of how easily knowing the required skills for a job can help workers find the right task to do.

  • Categorizing jobs for suggestions

Labeled tasks are very easy to work with when it comes to showing suggestions to workers. We can understand a workers interest and skills based on the tasks they do and how well they perform them so it makes it a lot easier to suggest the right task to person with matching skills.

Endorsing worker skills


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