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This page contains my research proposal for Winter Milestone 4 Category Task Ranking

Why Am I proposing this

A lot has been assumed that the workers would definitely do better in tasks that they are actually interested in doing. While, it does look like a valid assumption to make on the surface, I certainly feel that this could definitely not be entirely true. The main reason I am suggesting this is that just because someone is necessarily interested in a task, doesn't particularly mean he is good at it. So, this is basically a sanity check/assertion of the assumption.

Research Proposal

Crowdsourcing ,as defined by Merriam Webster, is the process of obtaining needed services,ideas or content by soliciting contributions from a large group of people, especially from an online community. It has been a topic of research in the field of Human Computer Interaction for the past decade ever since it became popular in the early 2000s. However, none of the major crowdsourcing platforms take the workers' self-reported interests into account to suggest tasks for them. So there is absolutely no way of saying that if such a thing was to be implemented, it would lead to an increase in the quality of the work produced by the workers.

It is generally believed that people tend to work harder on things that they find attractive and this has been subject to a lot of research and most of it leads to the fact that it is in fact true. However, no such research has yet been done regarding a crowdsourcing platform which basically checks whether the assumption of a person working harder on what he or she is interested in hold true or not. This paper basically tends to find out that if self-reported interests of workers were taken into account to suggest tasks to them then would it have any effect on the quality of the work produced by the workers.

20 experienced workers from crowdsourcing platform will be randomly chosen and would then be asked to complete 10 tasks. 5 of the tasks would be the kind of tasks they reported they were interested in and the rest 5 would be the tasks not from the kind of tasks they reported to be interested in doing. The quality of the work would then rated by the requester on a 10-point scale. Then an t-test was performed on the average ratings of each person for the tasks he was an interested and for the tasks he wasn't interested in.

I hope to find that the assumption of workers working hard and better on things they are interested holds true.