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This page is intended to serve for Winter Milestone 5 submission by user @nalinc[1].

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Name: nalinc, Type: individual

Task #1: Yelp - Labelling attributes of a restaurant through restaurant photos

Show workers 5 photos of a restaurant. Looking at the photos, the workers will label business attributes about the restaurant.

The workers can choose labels ranging from 0 - 9, where

0: good_for_lunch

1: good_for_dinner

2: takes_reservations

3: outdoor_seating

4: restaurant_is_expensive

5: has_alcohol

6: has_table_service

7: ambience_is_classy

8: good_for_kids

CSV format: yelpPhotoDataset.csv

The CSV has 20 rows. Each row in the CSV refers to a unique restaurant and has 6 entries. The first 5 columns are urls of photos of the restaurant and the 6th column is the gold standard attributes of that restaurant.

HTML Help:

Use the following tags in your HTML source page to link the photos in your task.

<img src="${photoUrl1}" />

<img src="${photoUrl2}" />

<img src="${photoUrl3}" />

<img src="${photoUrl4}" />

<img src="${photoUrl5}" />

(Optional) Step 7 on this instruction page has more details on adding images to a task.

The idea is that the workers would look at all 5 images, which belong to the *same* restaurant. Then from the 5 images, the workers would pick the labels.

So you only need to show all 5 images next to each other and show the section for label options once.

HTML Source:(everything included in <body></body> tag)


Task1authoring screenshot.png

Task #2: Football Scenarios

Contributors were presented a football scenario and asked to note what the best coaching decision would be.

For example, a scenario: "It is third down and 3. The ball is on your opponent's 20 yard line. There are five seconds left. You are down by 4." The decisions presented were punt, pass, run, kick a field goal, kneel down, or don't know.

CSV format: Football-scenarios.csv

a single row is: id, football scenario, gold standard

NOTE: The gold standard is the “answer” to the task, so do not put in your task creation.

HTML Source:(everything included in <body></body> tag)


Task2authoring screenshot.png

Task #3: Twitter Sentiment Analysis

Twitter sentiment analysis job where contributors read tweets and classified them as very positive, slightly positive, neutral, slightly negative, or very negative. They were also prompted asked to mark if the tweet was not relevant to self-driving cars. Added with golden Qs.

CSV format: Twitter-Self Driving-Sentiments.csv id, Tweet, gold_ans, gold_reason

NOTE: The gold standard is the “answer” to the task, so do not put in your task creation.

HTML Source:(everything included in <body></body> tag)


Task3authoring screenshot.png

Milestone Contributors

Author: Nalin Chhibber @nalinc