Winter Milestone 15

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8:00 pm 24th April 2016 for submission, 12 pm 25th April 2016 for peer-evaluation. Preparation for CSCW starts now.

This week, we will refine methods and systems proposed last week further:

  • Youtube link of the meeting today: watch
  • Winter Meeting 15 slideshow: no slides

Open Gov and Design

To propose and set up a prototype -- based on the refinements and feedback provided from workers.

Helpful links:

You can use balsamic or Google slides or just pencil/paper drawing to give shape to your ideas. Design folks, come join and help move this effort forward. Once you're done, post here:

Task Authoring

Watch last week's task authoring meeting here

Rewind of Monday's meeting: We ran our second pilot study on the Dark Matter (marijuana) task. It produced useful insight! We realized that the requester variance was mainly coming into play with the tasks that are the most difficult. The obvious ones, everyone gets right. So, we started cleaving off the lowest quartile of tasks by average worker accuracy, and saw bigger variation across requesters. We went back and re-analyzed our original pilot data, and saw the same effect with some of the tasks (e.g. football action prediction).


By Wednesday Find a task that is difficult, where in the answer is not obvious.

We're thinking that Minnesota and Macalister paper on Arafat Gold might be the right one to go with. So in addition, please read the following Macalister paper paper

Message @catherine.mullings with any questions and stay up to date with #taskauthoring channel.

By Thursday/Friday we will analyze the results and hold a Google Hangout. Stay tuned!

The analysis for the study will be formally written here on Google doc.