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(UX + Research: Dive deep into these topics and submit a proposal)
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== Design (Test Run) ==  
== Design (Test Run) ==  
== Submission ===
== Submission ==

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Due date (PST): 8:00 pm 7th Feb 2016 for submission, 12 pm 8th Feb 2016 for peer-evaluation

This week, we will accept proposals to pursue different aspects of the project, and start a design test run.

  • Youtube link of the meeting today: watch
  • Winter Meeting 3 slideshow: coming up soon...

UX + Research: Dive deep into these topics and submit a proposal

Last week we asked you to pitch ideas in the space of representation, reputation and dark horse one's. This week we ask you to choose one the themes below, and dive deep into it. The goal is propose experimental design and research value of one of these ideas/ideas, in the form of the "introduction" section. Based on your ideas submitted this week, we have essentially synthesized the themes into three:

Prototype tasks

Over governance and guilds

Task feeds - boomerang, reputation system


Research Engineering

Design (Test Run)