Winter Milestone 4 Despicables Design Test Flight

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Design for messenger overlay

Requesters Perspective:
1. Under 'My Project' the requester also sees the message icon which indicates whether pending messages are present or not.
Requester Page 1.png

2. When the requester clicks the icon, he sees the messages from workers along with a preview of the task he has posted. If the worker has already submitted the task, he would be able to view the workers submission. The image below indicates when the requester sees the submission

3. The image below indicated when the requester sees the task summary he/she put up

4. Below is how the worker would see the messages associated with the projects he/she is associated with.

Team Despicables

Team members

  • @varshine
  • @kr.prastut
  • @afreen
  • @rachitchopra