Winter Milestone 4 FaithJin Task Authorship

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Task Quality Design

The vision: more content-rich task creation; tools to let requesters create graphic-rich instructions for tasks with better styling (~@nalinc)


what’s the problem you’re solving?

on MTurk requesters are required to create their own tasks which can be very hit or miss, some are well designed and some are not, and they always require a cvs file (which isn’t always straight forward due to the fact that it must be formatted in a particular way or else it will not accept it), even when overarching requests from tasks are very similar, the interface is dramatically different and users must quickly adapt and learn a who new interface which takes valuable time

Related Work

a similar website for creating tasks for other to complete is, very much like MTurk it has broad categories for the type of task you might want to create (such as: survey, writing, tagging images, etc) it also allows requesters to chain test together (a single hit versus a batch)

a website such as squarespace allows users to utilize templates but at the same time be able to quickly change and adapt it to user needs

UsabilityHub: Creating a task from a template.
UsabilityHub: Creating a task from a template.
SquareSpace: Ensuring flexibility while maintaining ease of use.

What is it?

• the tricky part about creating a more uniform interface is that it must be extremely flexible and accommodating but at the same time create a sort of sandbox for requesters that guides them in the right direction in terms of creating a new task

• when you take a step back and look at the type of tasks that are created on MTurk, they share many of the same characteristics, even things such as the ‘continue’ button is different on all different tasks

• by allowing the system to do some heavy lifting as far as formatting the interface goes, requesters naturally will create better (but not perfect) tasks

• also by creating a more uniform system, perhaps we can even develop a system of shortcut keys that can apply to all tasks