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Brief introduction of the system =

A system for the requestor to better view his overall work. To view the work given to workers and to monitor the progress of the tasks, and understand which task's workers need more clarifications to provide better feedback and inputs to that particular task.

How is the system solving critical problems

One problem which has always been bothering the workers is misunderstood instruction. When the worker misunderstands the instructions, the work done with dedication is also not going to meet the requirements. This leads to rejection of work and waste of time. With this system, the worker will be able to get immediate feedback as the requester gets a birds eye view of the workers progress in his works and also gets updates what are the tasks where workers face issues and provide feedback immediately to help better completion of tasks. This not only helps the worker who is stuck to complete the task but also helps other workers who are going to take up other such tasks by providing clear instructions based on the feedback and questions from previous workers.

Introducing modules of the system

There are three main contributions which this system helps improve.

1. BirdView - Overall view of the tasks 2. Better feedback for the clarified instructions for already working workers and upcoming workers 3. Improved worker task acceptance due to clear instructions and feedback

Module 1: BirdView - Overall view of the tasks


With multiple tasks put on the crowdsourcing platform, the requestor sometimes loses track of the overall completion, feedback and comparisons of work completion in the tasks. This increases the time the requester uses the platform which can be minimised with a birds eye view of the tasks completed. This simplifies the interactions of the requester in monitoring and understanding the progress in all the works provided by the requestor, thereby giving the requestor more time to better concentrate on other tasks.

Module preview

Existing crowdsourcing task overviews consist of individual tasks overview and are not visually interactive enough to convey the information at one go. This needs to be addressed to provide time saving work management for the requestor.

System details

BirdView is a the overall view of tasks which the requestor has uploaded on the platform for other workers to contribute. This system creates an interactive overview of all the tasks which have been provided to the user. This interactive system allows the requestor to view all the works put together as a donut with daemo colors and when then requestor hovers over the tasks, then the requestor will be able to view the details of the task popping out. Along with this an additional feature of showing the number of comments and clarifications from the workers will also be shown as numbers over the donut for each task. This will help the requestor know the difficulties faced by the workers in some particular task and prioritise his feedback in those tasks.

Module 2: Better feedback for the clarified instructions for already working workers and upcoming workers


With less attention from the requestor on the worker's problems, the workers continue to work with their understanding of the problem or stop working thinking the job might get rejected due to improper work. To avoid this, the better feedback system is created.

Module details

This feedback system is accessed when the requestor hovers over the work area in the donut chart. Once the requestor clicks over the number of comments of that particular task, he is provided with the list of questions and suggestions as a pop up and can start replying to the comments and also improve the instructions on the top of the pop up panel thus increasing worker understanding of the task and trust over the requestor.

Module 3: Improved worker task acceptance due to clear instructions and feedback


This problem of new comers and senior workers not accepting the requestors work because of improper tasks understanding.

Module preview

The more workers accept the tasks due to better understanding of the task, the more the task completion rate and also with good quality which satisfies one of the most important requirements from the requestor.

What do we want to analyze?

Analysis to be done 20 requestor with the BirdView donut chart module to understand their experiences Feedback from the requestors will be taken into consideration and put in the revised versions of the design.