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Team OCD Milestone 6

Brief introduction of the system

In this model we are creating a unified system that would be usable for a user no matter what role they have. If we focus on giving people different roles, it becomes difficult for people to view the task from the other person's perspective. In this approach we try to improve the design by making 'task feed' more understandable and interactive. In this milestone we also suggest ways to estimate hourly wage for tasks.

Getting started on Daemo

We would suggest removing the scrolling on the registration page to improve the UI.

Incentivizing requesters for accurate reporting

Asking/Answering Questions about tasks

Amazon Questions

Having requesters sharing their opinions about a task can be helpful because if they have a common concern it will allow them to share their ideas, ask for clarification and have the answer open and available for anyone who accepts the task. One way would be to award people with points for reporting how long a task takes but that way it would be complicated to understand what points mean and how an increased number of points affects a worker. Also, giving points is not an indicator of honesty to anyone who reports something. Another way to encourage people to share their ideas is to create an environment like Amazon where workers can write their ideas about a task and their ideas are open for public to be upvoted or downvoted. Amazon has proven that just by providing the opportunity to give feedback on products, people are happy to give feedback to each other and ask useful questions about the products.

Reporting how long task takes

It is important in calculation of hourly wage to have a correct estimation of how long a task takes to accomplish. In most cases, we can use the acceptance time and submission time to estimate how long a task takes. Some people perform other activities while having accepted a task, so we can remove outliers during our estimation. We can also ask people to report how long it took them to complete a task, and make it accountable if the reported time was not too much longer than the time it actually took them to finish the task. This way, we can ensure their input is correct, and can be trusted for calculating hourly wages.

Milestone Contributors

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