Worker-Requester Panel: Meeting Notes by Dcthompson & Willtchiu

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Willtchiu's notes

AMT Panel Notes:

TurkerNation - platform that encourages ethical behaviour in workers, good at teaching new turkers the proper way of doing HITs advises requesters on appropriate qualifications needed

Laura Problem: HITs posted in TurkerNation chat room, sometimes not visible in threads. On tackling HITs: Chooses HITs that do not risk approval rating (i.e. 99%) Kept track of HITs, payment, and time it took. Problem: Gauging time spent on HITs are hard, because different people have different skill sets (i.e. some are slower, faster, more conscientious) Suggestion: Some sort of hourly wage prediction? Problem: New worker’s reputation is very volatile, takes only 1 HIT to hurt < 100 HIT workers Idea: Streaks of accepted HITs give an extra boost to a worker’s reputation; makes it more forgiving if failing a HIT, yet more rewarding for consistently doing well

Rochelle Problem: Unpredictable when HITs are posted Prioritize higher paying HITs

       HITs are never scheduled out, edge of the seat waiting for HITs
       Need to make decisions between life and doing HITs
       HITs are posted at all times of the day

alert groups that send out messages when new HITs are posted Prioritizes worker approval ratings first, and requesters who have a good reputation Suggestion: Wants better interaction with requesters to clarify HITs Suggestion: People on forums give feedback on HITs; especially time estimates are important Problem: Fluctuation of wages are very unpredictable; hard to budget income or spending because of this. Need: Tools similar to

Chris (Requester)

       Workers are awesome at emailing requesters if HITs are unclear

Suggestion: It’ll be awesome to have more interaction between workers and requesters. Problem: When scaling HITs to much larger volume, requester’s time to respond to HITs is limited and they outsource, in effect, the job of answering Turkers’ emails. Needs: Automatic judiciary system that will handle disputed cases for approval or disapproval. Idea: Turkers who have a very high approval rating can opt to be judges of cases of dispute (Tracks hourly wage, time completion, and HIT specifications)

Peter (Requester)

       Posted HITs on labels on bookshelves

Concern: We care about quality, and if a worker falls below a certain percentage of approval then we reject them. Need: A HIT inside an iframe, customizable interface for HITs

Xiao Posts survey type of HITs Problem: Hard to gauge attention span of survey takers, ensure truthful answers


       Need: Built-in workflows capabilities